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Upcoming Events in 2024

Upcoming Events

Mar. 30 Regional Horse Show

April 6 Hunter Derby

April 28 Regional Horse Show

May 5 Regional Horse Show

May 12 Regional Horse Show

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Dec 21-23, Jan 12-14, Jan 21, Feb 9-11 and Mar 15-17

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Learn to Ride at Gardnertown Farm

Indoor and outdoor arenas for horseback riding, polo and horse shows

Welcome to Gardnertown Farm. In the countryside of Newburgh, New York, sits one of the top horse boarding facilities in the Northeast. The horse-loving Dencker family built spacious indoor and outdoor arenas, filled the horse stalls with well-trained horses, and then opened the doors to Gardnertown Farm in 1979.

Today, Gardnertown Farm is a first-rate facility were both professional and aspiring riders can come to improve their riding skills, participate in polo tournaments and compete in horse shows.

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Learn the ropes at Gardnertown Farm

If you want to enjoy horse riding lessons, compete in a polo game, learn about boarding your horse or prepare for horse shows, visit Gardnertown Farm today. We have highly experienced trainers on site to help with:

Schooling shows

Get your horse acclimated to new surroundings and ready for a rated show by participating at Gardnertown Farm schooling shows. Come to our derby show to experience your first derby!

Riding lessons

Master English riding by enrolling in weekly lessons. We have lessons for everyone from beginners to advanced riders.

Polo lessons

Become a skilled polo player at Gardnertown Farm. Our indoor polo arena is open all year long, rain or shine. With beginner and advanced polo lessons, you'll soon be participating in the fast-paced action of a polo match.

Gardnertown Farm also has horses for sale. Visit our farm today, or call 845-564-6658 for more details about our horses.

Join our indoor polo club and ride during any season

Gardnertown Polo Club, established in 1990, is one of the oldest-running arena polo clubs in the Northeast. Our indoor polo club plays host to some of the greatest riders and best-trained horses in the Newburgh area. We have recently competed in the U.S. Polo Association's (USPA) National Interscholastic Championships. Whether you are a professional polo player or a novice, Gardnertown Polo Club is right for you. Our membership includes beginner and advanced polo lessons. We employ USPA-rated players and umpires at our farm to ensure a great learning environment for all.

Indoor polo is a good way to keep your game and your horses tuned for next year's outdoor season. Call 845-564-6658 to learn more about how you can become a member of Gardnertown Polo Club.